About us

How ABCTimeTracking appeared in our lives


2007. Our team reached 6 developers, meaning everyone was working for different clients and different projects. Basically, each month came with the madness of putting together time entries, making invoices and paying wages. We were in over our head, we admit. So, we came up with ABCTimeTracking, a software that allowed us to know precisely how much we worked and what for.

Initially, ABCTimeTracking was solely used by us. But we noticed immediately productivity and workflow improvements.

2008. We decided to make ABCTimeTracking public and offer it to others too. Moreover, when companies from the United States, United Kingdom and Japan started to use our software, we knew we developed an useful instrument.


What is ABCTimeTracking exactly?

ABCTimeTracking is the enhanced version of classic timesheets. It is perfect for any company which tracks employee’s time. Moreover, besides simply using it as a time tracker, you have the possibility to use it as more valuable asset: keep together your clients, projects and times dedicated to each and everyone and get powerful reports.

Hoping that we can help all those who want to know, whenever and wherever, how much, what for and for whom has been worked in a company, we offer the possibility to test it freely for 30 days.